About Aish –

Aish is a game we always wanted to make but never stepped up to do so. As Puzzler Studios, we hope to make it an achievable project within the year of 2015.

It is a 2D puzzle scroller game, which requires you to make use of colour and other special abilities to successfully navigate the subconscious mind of the protagonist and help her rediscover herself.

The central idea is to make an artistic yet addictive game for mobile and tablet devices that let’s you have fun but at the very same time provokes thought on the nature of this modern Indian lifestyle blindly followed by many of us.

The Mechanics –

The game works on the basic mechanics of a vertical scrolling game, yet intelligently uses colour matching and other special design loopholes to make it a unique and interesting experience for the player.

Story –

The story of the game features a protagonist who has lost her memory, help her rediscover the events that led to her retreating her mind to her subconsciousness.

Coming When? –

Its coming soon, at the present moment its at a very early stage of development, almost everything made is subject to a radical amount of change. We have huge expectations to make it achievable in 2015

If a trailer is successfully released in 2015, we would consider it a very successful project for ourselves and a release date shall be mentioned in the trailer.

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