The Elementary OS Experience

The elementary OS is an Ubuntu  based operating system that literally caught my eye by its look and name, and as you might expect, I had mistaken it for being some kind of a ‘beta release’ for the Mac OS.

Looking more into it, I was surprised to find that it was actually a free, open-source, Linux-operating system. Plus as it turns out, it was based off of Ubuntu but looked and felt different because of its completely new desktop environment ‘Pantheon’, which as a matter of fact, seems greatly inspired and influenced by the sleek, beautiful and accessible design by the innovators at Apple. This desktop environment though is not based off of that of Ubuntu’s – ‘unity’ or any other conventional ones. This desktop environment was built from scratch – from ground up – to fulfil the team’s inspiration and ambition and they have done a hell of a good job.

Usage And Stability

Again, two things make elementary OS stand out, the mac-like looks of ‘pantheon’ and the borrowed stability and tool-set of Ubuntu.

If you were ever interested in Linux, then you have most probably heard of Ubuntu as being the world’s third most popular operating system and eOS being based off of it obviously has pros of its own. Being  very popular, the Ubuntu app-store has a wide array of applications that would fulfil all your needs.

Screenshot from 2015-03-28 19:14:01

It not only borrows apps from Ubuntu, but also stability and portability for systems of different configurations. Something that you may desperately need if you want a well optimized Personal Computer for work or even for play(hint- hint: SteamOS).

Look and Feel

I have never actually used a lot of Apple devices but I must admit though, that their looks do make me more inclined towards their products. The elegance, the simplicity and the maintained glamour with fluid animations mark their signature all over their devices.

Elementary OS does borrow all these elements with due respect to Apple – in their best and original form. They did not even try to make it look like their design and that is a good thing because unnecessary modifications would have completely spoiled the minimalistic essence in such form of design.

One other important thing to note is that eOS has a transparent terminal, now that should sell it!


Check out their official site and download the latest version.

As of now the latest version is eOS “Luna”, and the next one eOS “Freya” is still in development.

Luna is in a lot of terms outdated, yet it has this small and great details to it that attract me more than the features of th e latest Ubuntu or Linux Mint.


Freya, the next version is expected to be released soon and I am more hyped for it than anyone else. It has been claimed to being fast, more stylistic and awesome!

Screenshot from 2015-04-04 13:28:25

If you too cannot control your excitement, you can download the early beta here;

Final Thoughts

I know that this article has been in many ways, less informative or critical and sounds at times more like an advertisement for eOS.

This is how eOS has influenced me, I am inclined to write and article in praise of it because it is so cool yet so little people use or know about it.

I mean it seriously, eOS has made the world of Linux – more user friendly, more beautiful and yet maintained its true power by giving its user what he or she needs the most – control. eOS clearly deserves more praise and I hope that it gets it soon.

To ‘the elementary OS team’ –

  You guys are awesome! 

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